Rugby School Japan

Admissions Policy

This policy governs the admission of new pupils to Rugby School Japan (RSJ). The application process is designed to ensure that there is a good match between a pupil’s educational needs and the School’s provision.

1.Eligibility Criteria

1.1 RSJ accepts applications from pupils: 

    1. who can benefit from a British international secondary educational provision;
    2. who were educated in an International/British Curriculum-based educational institution(s) where the language of instruction was in English, before enrolment.

1.2 RSJ is a selective school. Entry is based on assessment by English fluency, references, entrance tests and interviews. When we consider applications we are looking for academic ability and potential, co-curricular interests and enthusiasms and the necessary resilience to be part of the school – either as a boarding pupil or as a day pupil.

When enrolment reaches capacity, priority will be given based on the following:

    • Date of application
    • Sibling(s) already attending RSJ
    • Successful admissions assessment outcomes
    • For domestic pupils, degree of need for a British education

1.3 Before considering an application to RSJ, parents should ensure that they have a clear understanding of and commitment to the British curriculum and our Whole Person, Whole Point approach to education. Up to date details about our rigorous curriculum, school and boarding life, university placements, enrichment offerings and other opportunities are shared during school tours, information sessions and on our website.

The School welcomes applications for children from all ethnic and racial groups, nationalities, backgrounds and creeds. Human rights and freedoms are respected, but must be balanced with the lawful needs and rules of our School Community and the rights and freedoms of others. In principle, Japanese children between the ages of 11 and 15 are subject to compulsory education under the Japanese regulations.

2.Application Submission

2.1 Applications should be made by completing an online application form through OpenApply, RSJ’s official admissions portal. By submitting an application, parents consent to their, and their child’s personal information being stored and used by RSJ in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

2.2 Parents agree to pay a Registration Fee upon applying. Applications will only be assessed after the Registration Fee is received by RSJ. This Fee is non-refundable.


3.1 Our admissions assessment is designed to ensure that all children are able to fully benefit from their studies at RSJ. After all items listed under section (2) are received, each family is invited for an in-school assessment. Up to date details will be set out in the Admissions Assessment document on the admissions page of the school website.

3.2 Our curriculum is delivered in English and as such, applicants must be able to communicate in English fluently either at native level or similar. This is determined through the admissions assessment as well as interactions with RSJ staff.

3.3 In cases where the family is yet to arrive in Japan, alternative arrangements will be made for invigilation of an admissions assessment online by one of the RSJ team, in addition to an online interview where appropriate.

4.Year Group Placement

4.1 Allocation to a year group is based on a child’s date of birth. Details will be set out on the admissions page of the school website.

4.2 Placement outside a child’s recommended age group will only be considered in exceptional circumstances after assessment and recommendation by the Principal and the Deputy Principal (Academic). RSJ reserves the right to make the final decision on age group placement.

5.Admission of Children Requiring Additional Support

5.1 RSJ does not offer special support programmes for children with specific learning difficulties. However, admission may be granted to those whose individual learning requirements can be met within the mainstream programme without significant intervention.

5.2 RSJ does all that it can to adjust its assessment procedures in support of children with physical difficulties, where it is practical and safe to do so, subject to constraints of campus facilities. 

5.3 Parents of a child who has any disability or special educational needs must provide the full details upon application. RSJ needs to be aware of any particular requirements which may affect a child’s ability to take full advantage of the education provided. If a child requiring significant support is admitted, parents may be asked to pay for additional costs incurred to make this possible.

5.4 All applicants for admission will be treated equally, irrespective of their, or their parents’ race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, sexual orientation, property, birth or other status.


6.1 The outcome of an application will be communicated to parents as soon as practically possible after the admissions assessment and interview process has been completed.

6.2 An offer of admission is sent to parents whose child satisfies all entry requirements. An offer of admission is sent to parents whose child satisfies all entry requirements. In exceptional circumstances, a conditional offer of a place may be sent to parents where the child  satisfies the entry requirements, but their English skills are such that they require improvement to fully access the RSJ curriculum. In these circumstances the pupil’s progress in English will be regularly monitored and reviewed by a member of the RSJ Senior Leadership Team before a final decision is made to admit the pupil into the school. 

6.3 If RSJ has already reached the maximum number of offers it is able to make for the particular year group in question at the time, the family will be added to a waiting list. Parents on the waiting lists are contacted when a space becomes available, in order of the date on which they were added to the list.

6.4 Parents whose child’s application is unsuccessful are able to request feedback and/or make an appeal, to be reviewed by the Principal and Deputy Principal (Academic). The decision of the Principal is final.

6.5 It is not possible to make more than one application to RSJ for the same child in the same year.

6.6 Failure to provide genuine and/or accurate information or documents can result in the application process being terminated and any offer withdrawn.

7.Confirmation of Place

7.1 Parents receiving an offer of admission are required to respond within two weeks of the date of the letter, indicating whether or not they accept the offer. An offer may be withdrawn if RSJ does not hear back from the parents during this time frame.

7.2 Parents accepting an offer are required to pay an Enrolment Fee to secure their child’s place. This Fee must be paid within one week of the date of invoice in order for the offer to remain valid.


8.1 The RSJ academic year starts at the end of August or beginning of September every year.


9.1 The application process at RSJ is conducted in English. At least one parent must be able to communicate effectively with the school in English.

9.2 Any document not written in English must be accompanied by a certified translation when it is submitted.

10.Withdrawal Notice Requirements

10.1 Once a child is admitted and enrolled, parents must give a full term’s notice in writing to the Principal should they wish to withdraw the child. For example, in order to withdraw at the beginning of the Autumn Term, a written notice is required by the final day of the Spring Term of the previous academic year. Term dates are shown on the school website.

11.Policy Reviews

11.1 This policy is reviewed regularly and may be subject to revision.

Date: September 2022